Costs Reduced

Accuracy Guaranteed

Automatic Accounting 

Historically on site collections were completely paper based processes.  Collectors would go to the office, pick up their dockets, go out and do their site collections then go back to the office with piles of money and completed dockets.

Then they, or other administration staff, would process the collections, reconcile them and possibly enter data into a computer.  Then finally a trip to the bank to deposit the takings.

This was fraught with problems:

  • Huge cost of extra collector time and travel
  • High potential for error (on collections or data entry)
  • At the mercy of unscrupulous dishonest collectors

LeisureEase changes all of that.

  • Collectors work on mobile devices (laptops, tablets etc)
  • No need to travel to the office
  • Collections done on site and receipt printed
  • End of day a banking summary is printed
  • Collector pays money into bank
  • Collector goes home (still no need to go to the office)

All of the problems solved:

  • Travel minimised so costs cut
  • Guaranteed accuracy of calculations
  • Money collected matched to meter readings
  • Alert sent to office on any collection discrepancy
  • All accounting done automatically
  • Risk of dishonesty eliminated

Additionally LeisureEase supports the various standards of data transfer between Operators and Breweries. (BACTA Amedis, CLMS etc)


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