Huge Cost Savings

Optimised Income Levels

Improved Profits

LeisureEase is a complete, integrated back office system for Operators of Coin Operated machines  (Amusement, Gaming and Vending machines) and is available either as an internet solution in “The Cloud”  or on customers’ own computers.

Administration is a cost that comes straight off the bottom line and any saving directly improves profits, penny for penny, pound for pound.

LeisureEase is designed to remove all of the unnecessary paperwork, especially for engineer service calls and on site collections.

Collectors and engineers work on mobile devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones etc), making paper collection dockets and engineering call sheets a thing of the past.

And the good news doesn’t end there, office administration is also reduced:

  • LeisureEase automatically updates the Integrated Accounts system
  • The CRM module optimises operator performance with its customers.
  • Stocks of Capital Equipment, Spares and Consumables are managed automatically.
  • Near to real time management information via the Business Intelligence module

LeisureEase massively SAVES TIME & MONEY

Customers are provided with a comprehensive, personal support and maintenance service that comprises on line, telephone and support ticket options.  And as if that was not enough, all system updates and upgrades are included as standard.

What is more LeisureEase is suitable and affordable for businesses of all sizes.  Our smallest customer is two man band with forty sites and our largest has hundreds of sites.

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LeisureEase Integration